Crochet Basics: Yarn and Needles

All Right. Breathe in. Breathe out. Yes, you. The one who is just starting to learn crochet. Take a moment.

So, almost all crochet tutorials out on the web start off with the chain and then proceed to teach you single crochet and so on. When I started to crochet I realised that the first hurdle to cross is the correct set of needle and yarn. The reason why none of those tutorials give you no information on this is that most of them are Americans, where the yarn package comes with the information of appropriate hook size ( or needle size). So, my problem:  I am an Indian, and when I started to learn crochet I was put up at Bangalore.

How does being an Indian change things?

Firstly, where to buy yarn from?

1. Online store: Recently introduced and has a wide range of yarn to choose from. And more importantly, they also mention the appropriate hook size for each. Though I personally have not bought any material from here, I have received positive reviews from friends who have.

2. Surya Emporium, Commercial Street, Bangalore: A very good place, small and easy to miss. You need to take the street adjacent to ‘Sling bags’ shop in commercial street and Surya Emporium is around the third or fourth shop down the lane. They also have amazing lace and embroidery items too.

3. Raja Market, City Market, Bangalore: My personal favorite. You can buy in bulk, lots of shops, cheap, have a lot of variety. The only drawback YOU need to know what to buy, asking the shopkeeper for suggestions is a bad idea: either you will up buying the wrong things like I did or you will get pushed out of the shop, literally. Raja Market is not easy to find, it is on the other end of Avenue Road and once you reach there, walk around and ask people to find the way.

There are also many small shops which sell yarn in different parts of Bangalore but I am not fully aware of them. Check out while you google ‘where to buy yarn in bangalore’. 🙂

Now, in any of the above two shops you are the one who has to figure out which yarn will go with which hook size. So my two cents worth:

1. Basics: thin thread goes with smaller hook size. Eg: If you are buying cotton thread, (Anchor 20 or 40) go for 2mm or 1mm needle size. Even finer thread, go for 0.9mm or smaller. Thicker thread goes with bigger hook size.

2. If it is the first time you are trying crochet, then go for a bulkier thread and bigger needle. Mostly because the knots will be more clearer and you can identify your mistakes easily. The thrill of running your hands through the seen braid is just an added bonus!

If you have any further questions, please do comment. My next post will be on the tutorials on crochet that I felt were easier to follow and learn.

Until then, carpe diem. Namaste!


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