Fifty Shades of Grey: It’s Fess Up Time!

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Everyone’s talking about it because the movie just came out, so I give in.

I haven’t read it and have no desire to read it. But have you?

I’ve seen an excerpt, and the writing looks a little—how do I say it?—bad. But I’ll leave real judgment to those who have read (endured?) the whole book.

So go ahead and fess up…have you read Fifty Shades of Grey? Give us your short review!

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One thought on “Fifty Shades of Grey: It’s Fess Up Time!

  1. I tried reading it once- before the hype started. But, there was no story line. The first half of the books was practically bonds and conditions to be met for the girl to have sex with a filthy rich guy and more of that. It was like reading a really weird tick list or for aspiring scientists an extremely detailed grant proposal! I bet the book commercialized all the products that can be sold in a sex store.

    By the time I reached half the book, I was dozing off into oblivion…


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