Howazzit: Cafe Rossini

Situated opposite Freskka, this Italian restaurant oozes sophistication and has a posh exterior. Feeling a bit apprehensive about the burn it was about to make in our wallet, we entered the place reluctantly. We were ushered in and showed to a table. The interior décor was well done; each table had a wick lantern burning and together with the lighting, the place was classy.

And now, the real trouble begins. We had gone on a busy Sunday night. The place was crowded, and the cherry on the cake- there were only three waiters running around, who apparently had forgotten that we were seated with no one to give us the customary water and menu cards. After many years, they finally noticed us jumping on our seats and did the required ritual. And then, voila, they had disappeared again. And mind you, it was not only us; there were many others who were seated around us having the same problem, in different stages of their dinner.

Finally, we pinned down one waiter and ordered a Peri-Peri Chicken Sizzler and Shepherds Pie. They were a little more costly than our average outing, but we pacified ourselves thinking they we would have better food. We did not bother ordering starters because firstly, the waiter had escaped by then and we had no energy left to summon him again and second, they were as costly as the main course!

After countless minutes of drinking water, our food arrived and things happened very quickly. Food arrives, we attack food, shoved down two spoons, we stop and look at each other. If one could read faces, we would be screaming ‘is this what we came here for?’ The food was average-yes, you heard it right-it was just average food-after so much drama we are sitting over there and eating average food. The Peri-Peri chicken was basically pepper chicken on a sizzler and the Shepherds Pie was basically lamb gravy in which the lamb is minced, with a layer of potato and cheese on top.

I shall not comment about the Shepherds Pie as this was the first time I was having the dish and after the initial shock, the taste slowly grew on me. I actually liked it. However, the chicken sizzler was a disaster. The vegetables were raw and the rice tasted the same as that served in our hostel.

To pick up our gloomy mood, we ordered Choco Bust, which was French éclair with vanilla ice-cream and chocolate sauce. To our apparent surprise, the dessert was mouth-watering good.

My verdict: I wouldn’t want to go there again except maybe for their dessert.

Address:  2/10, 80 Feet Road, RMV 2nd Stage, Poojary Layout, Sanjay Nagar, Bangalore-560094

My version: Go straight on the road housing Corner House, and it is situated opposite Freskka.

Price for two (without drinks and starters) – INR 500-600

Alcoholic drinks served, but they too are on the plus side compared to other places.

All said and done, they do have a wide variety of dishes available, Italian, Chinese and otherwise. It is obviously skewed to stamp verdict on the restaurant based on just three dishes. I might give this place a second chance sometime in the near future. Stay tuned to see if they can change my opinion.


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