Howazzit: Relish

I had always refrained from going to this place because of the design of their name Relish. It looks exactly like the title of R L Stine’s Goosebumps book and my overactive imagination cooked up gruesome images of the inside. Every time I mustered the courage to go into the place, I would give it a wide berth and enter the nearest happy looking McDonalds for peace of mind and food for stomach.

Upon hearing my ‘unique problem’, my friends came up with different alternatives for the reason behind such a design of the name and the one that stuck with me- melting ice cream.

Armed with that knowledge and three more people for moral support in case I relapsed to thinking of Goosebumps, I entered the place. It has a red interior décor ~blood sucking zombies lurking around the corner~ and we go up the narrow winding staircase searching for an empty table in the terrace ~ready to sink in their teeth at your throat~ unable to find one we come down to the normal dining area and sit down at a table ~it is going to jump out from under the table and catch you unawares~ the waiter gives us the menu and water and waits for us to order ­~if I touch the water will I wake up to zombies feasting on me..??? hush hush…deep breaths…deep breaths…ice cream ice cream ice cream… concentrate on food and get out of here. There. Easy peesy lemony squeezy.

By the time I get myself in control, I am informed that we have ordered triple Szechuan fried rice and Singapore fried rice. The food is served at the normal time of serving in any average Indian restaurant, which literally translates to after you are not hungry any more or you are full with water.

Coming to the food, simply put, it is just normal food which is being given to you at just the right price. The fruit juice we ordered most probably was made by the juice centre downstairs and it was good, not watery and not filled with ice and sugar.

The place is ideal for college students with a shallow pocket and it is a hangout for many students from Ramaiah. It is definitely not overpriced but they give you food which is worth the money you pay. Do not go if you are looking for a unique dining experience (read: somebody like me :P)

My verdict: If you are stranded on BEL road and also happen to look for normal food, go here. Coming to think of it, this is the only place (maybe apart from Nandhini Palace) on BEL Road-Sanjay Nagar area where you can have safe not-so-fancy food.

Price for two- INR 200-300.

No alcoholic drinks served.

On an afterthought, it was brought to my notice that their veg starters are quite tasty. I would like to try that out the next time.

Address: 1st Floor, Opposite Ramaiah Hospital, New BEL Road, Bangalore. Ph: 080 49653551

They have another outlet: Near Big Bazaar, Hebbal Main Road, Bangalore.

My version: Opposite Ramaiah hospital, right on the circle.


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