Howazzit: Freskka

Freskka gives a mixture of feeling and I cannot put my finger on it. Some dishes are worth their price whereas some are overpriced. Though it is good to keep in mind that the portion served for main course dishes is for one person and any thoughts for sharing should be thrown out of the window. Overall, Freskka forces me to spend around 100 more than usual and that forces me to put this place for a time when I can spend leisurely.

The ambience of the restaurant gets full brownie points which are snatched away the next second by their furniture. Being taller than an average Indian girl, the table is too low for me and I am forced to sit with my knees hitting the table and the chairs are smaller than I would have liked. So when you go there aim for those tables with the sofa seats for a better experience. The preparation of food meets my expectations although their service suffers from the ‘jump in your seat to get your food, no, scratch that, anything’ syndrome. So many restaurants are now infected that I have just stopped expecting a good service anywhere.

Anyway, the Pepper Chicken Sizzler is something I would recommend. The chicken in the pepper gravy combined with the herb rice takes you to heaven and back. The Chicken Crumb Supremo is not far behind, though the chicken here could have done better. The Chicken Puppets for starters is just an exotic chicken cutlet, but definitely manages to tingle your taste buds. We also had Chicken Lollypop which tasted like reheated fried chicken and it’s definitely not something that you should try here.

What came as a shock about this place was the dessert, which is how we heard about Fresska in the first place, and it was a disappointing experience. We had the Crème Brulee and the Cheesecake and these two spoiled our evening. The custard was tasteless, and one of my custard expert of a friend declared that it isn’t custard but some yellow colored substitute. While I am no expert when it comes to cheesecakes, I definitely do know that the cake is not supposed taste tangy like milk gone bad. I had got sincerely good feedback about their dessert and I am going to give them the benefit of doubt assuming it was not my day for sweets.

My verdict- The food is good. And if you are a college student, go when you can spend freely. Go cautious on the dessert, assess the reaction of other diners and then pray it is your lucky day for good dessert.

Address-  2/4, 80 Feet Road, Poojari Layout, Opposite MSR , RMV Extension, Sanjay Nagar, Bangalore

My version-Go straight down Corner House road and the restaurant is not easy to miss.

Price for one person: INR 350-450

No alcoholic drinks served.


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