Howazzit: Hoppipola

Hoppipola is perfect for hanging out with your friends after a tiring day and having a few drinks with chicken wings. Loud music combined with misters and a chalkboard cum table- perfect combination of play tools for adults. The waiters are courteous and the drinks are good, all in all perfect for a lazy night.

We have tried many dishes from this place and the one that stands out from all that is the Jerkin Around pizza. One must also definitely have their choco-lava cake- pure bliss.

My verdict- When I am fried after a gruelling presentation, all I want is a Cosmo in my hand with loud music to soothe my bruising ego; and Hoppipola provides it.

Address: 3rd Floor, 14, Church Street, Bangalore.

My version: Reach Church Street Social. Go down the road which houses Hotel Empire, find Mainland China; Hoppipola is right above it.


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