Howazzit: Hae Kum Gang

First off, use GPS to find the restaurant because as far as I could see, there are no significant landmarks around this place. The only clue you have is that the restaurant Plan B is on the ground floor of the same building and Hae Kum Gang is on the first floor.

The ambience is amazing and homely. It is the perfect East Asian getaway. The restaurant itself looks like a remodelled home and the service is just perfect. They also help you choose dishes and explain the different ingredients involved.

hae kum gang

We had Chicken-Chulpan, which is a sizzler with stir fried chicken and vegetables. Then, we ordered two sushi dishes- Chicken Kimbab and Cheesy Salmon Roll.

And now, it is confession time.

Ohkay, so we ordered the sizzler to have some semblance of familiarity, I have not heard of the dishes they had and we were not sure whether we would like it- so as insurance that we will eat something, we ordered the sizzler. Don’t do it. You can get better sizzlers elsewhere, not meant to be eaten here. Next, this is the first time I am eating sushi-yep, that’s right– so I have no reference. But it was chewy with the seaweed, the rice and the meat rolled up together and well, just different. Good different. It is definitely not the indianised version of East Asian food, so there you go.

And the interesting part- they will serve n number of side dishes with the food. Off the top of my head I remember eating Khimchi- spicy,soaked, fermented cabbage and a potato dish whose sauce was mind-blowing. And I do know that they all taste really nice.


To drink, we got the Korean-Ginseng tea and Jasmine tea. Again, I have never had the Ginseng tea before. And it tasted good different. But I have had Jasmine tea previously and the tea served here definitely makes top three.


My Verdict: All in all, it was a really good experience- no flashy over-the-top stuff- just plain homely Korean experience. Next time you get the urge to eat all those slurpy stuff that those characters from Anime eat, go here.

Address: 20, Paul Castle, Castle Street, Ashoknagar, Brigade Road Area, Brigade Road, Bangalore. Ph.No.: 080 49652616


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