Hello there…

First off, thank you- yes, you– for actually going through this page, which IMO nobody bothers to do so. So, thank you.

Now to the juicy details about me. I am an early (or mid?) twenties girl all the way from the beautiful and vibrant country, normally known as India. This blog is the window to my bitter-sweet experiences that I have faced in my short life and what I shall face further.

I’ll warn you early on, I have eclectic interests so this blog will not be on any specific topic. You can possibly find everything from science to creative crochet to finance, management and maybe even geography.

And that would possibly be just 20% of what goes through my head. In other words, you can demand from me just about anything, and I’ll try my best to give it justice, through my words.

That said, I always view myself as a constant learner, which means I am going to be making a lot of mistakes and I would like you all to call me on it. However I also fancy a little encouragement (read: ego boost) every once in a while to keep me going.

In short, you like something on here, you tell me about it; you don’t like something on here, you also tell me about it.

Hoping this would be a wonderful journey for both of us..






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